It is a blessing and a curse that we have car insurance. It protects us from having a huge bill if we have an accident and have medical bills but will also may never use what we have paid for which is wasted other than having peace of mind. Likewise having new young drivers is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that they can now drive themselves and you do not have to cart them around any more and a curse because they have to be insured and they aren’t known for being the best drivers in the world. Lets take a look at ways to get cheap insurance for young drivers.

Some car insurance companies will give discounts for being a student whether that is a high school student or a college student. Most give you a discount for being a good student such as being on the honor roll or have a certain grade point average. They rarely ask for you transcripts or for proof but the discount is not huge.

If you are willing to take additionally driving classes there may be a discount for that with your insurer. It is smart to ask before enrolling in the class. Although it may be a good idea for a young driver despite no discount. You have to complete driver’s training courses to get your driver’s license with driving hours and it doesn’t hurt to get extra hours in with a licensed driver.

The type of car and the levels of coverageĀ on your policy will make a difference for young drivers as with all drivers. If the car is more expensive than your premium will be more expensive. I would recommend staying with a slightly older vehicle preferably one that you do not need a loan to buy. This will save you a good portion on your rate when you get your car insurance quote. This is because you will not need full collision coverage.

Being a young driver and having to buy insurance or having a young driver you have to insure can be a little scary because it is more expensive to insure them. But with a little research you can find cheap insurance for young drivers by using these and other tips to get a discount.


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