If you are searching for cheap car insurance quotes, the best way to do so is to shop around from a wide range of companies and compare cost. This will give you the best possible chance to get the most competitive low price estimates, discounts and coverage options to save money. Even though thousands of people just renew their auto insurance each year when they fall due for renewal, but this isn’t the best course of action.

Let’s have a close look at a few tips on getting a cheap car insurance policy:

Comparison Shop

It’s not that difficult to find the best and the most affordable car insurance policy quotes on the market, mainly due to the wide choice of insurance providers and agents spread across the country, or by using a variety of online comparison websites. Therefore, the best way to get the cheapest insurance quote is to compare both online and offline as this is the best possible way to find a really affordable rate. You can even consult a phone book, visit local agencies, or go online. A driver has umpteen options to save money nowadays.

Getting your policies consolidated

In case you have multiple insurance plans scattered across several brokers and agents, it can help you if you consolidate coverage with just one company. For instance, lots of people hold policies for home, recreational vehicles and health, with different companies. If all are held with just one company, then it’s possible to get a good discount in rates. You can get approximate 10-15 percent price discount in this way.

Age-Related Discounts

Time also plays a considerable role when insurance companies calculate their annual plan premiums. A lower premium is possible if the driver is aged between 25-55, as this is considered as the safest aged driving group on the road. Aside from this, other conditions, such as the age group of the drivers, driving record and marital status also plays a crucial role. If you are in this particular age group, you should look for a policy that offer time and age based discounts.

Security Devices

Location as well as security are also factored high into the cost of auto insurance. If a vehicle is fitted with the latest immobilizer or alarm system, then this might result in the reduction of premium. A good alarm system might not cost you a pile of money, so it’s worthwhile to install a new one if you have not installed one to get a significant reduction in your premiums from your provider.

Driving Green

With greater concern for environment, the “green” vehicles now come with insurance at much lower rates than normal gas-guzzlers. Although cost of energy efficient vehicles wouldn’t be worth the reduced premiums, but if somebody is in the market for a new model, then it’s better to shop for energy efficient models because they will pay you in the long run.

With high competition in the market, many high rated insurance businesses want more business, especially in the present economy, and they are willing to offer you great deals just to get your business. It’s as easy as filling a form and clicking submit and you could save time and hundreds of dollars!