Every state in the United States requires car owners to purchase insurance for their cars. Regardless of it being required by law to have insurance coverage for your cars it is a smart idea financially to have at least the minimum insurance on your car. I hope to explain a little more about car insurance in this article.

There are minimum coverage requirements in each state for liability, collision, bodily injury and damage to property. The main focus of car insurance is to protect you in the case of an accident or damage from say a natural disaster. You can then make a claim to the insurance company when there are damages and they will pay for the repairs. Car insurance is not a maintenance plan. Many car insurance plans will allow you to purchase such items as emergency roadside assistance or car rental insurance in case your car is in the shop and you still need a car.

There are many car insurance companies (also know as insurance carriers) where you can buy car insurance also known as a car insurance policy. Typically you buy coverage in six month increments. The price you pay is called a premium and can usually be paid monthly, bi-monthly or in full at the beginning of the policy. It is usually cheaper to pay in full upfront because the insurance company will give you a discount.

Generally speaking, more expensive cars and newer cars are more expensive to insure and vice versa it is less expensive to insure an older car or a car that does not have a lien (loan) on it. An important thing to remember on your car insurance policy is the deductible. This is the amount that you must pay out of pocket before the insurance company will pay for anything. Your premium is will be less with a higher deductible but only set your deductible to what you can reasonably afford in the event of an accident.

There are many details about car insurance that I hope you will continue to research. This will save you time money and headaches should you have an accident. It should help you get cheap insurance rates. I hope this article has helped you understand car insurance a little better.